Dr. Jason Ohler speaks of using Visually Differentiated Text. Gone are the days of the drab look of the essay. Consider using all 7B's listed below to enhance any text.

"Typography gives visual form to language."

Daniel Will-Harris says, the two most important things to remember about typography are:
1. Type is on the page to serve the text. It should make the words easy to read and provide a suitable background. It can be beautiful and decorative! BUT it can also call undue attention to itself or make it difficult to read.
2. There are appropriate and inappropriate typefaces. What do you want your message to convey to the reader? Choose a typeface that fits.

Each font has a personality. For example how do you like Cool Dots (The one above that says Visually Differentiated Text)? Looks great right? Can you imagine that on a business card advertising a funeral home? No, I don't think so. The fonts you use depend on what you're doing, your audience, and its readability. Students often fall in love with script fonts or cutsie fonts (like Cool Dots) and want to type their papers in those fonts. Encourage them to use those for the titles or subtitles, or for emphasis instead. There are many free fonts for Macs and PC's. Just do a google search for 'free fonts for Mac (or PC)'. The Cool Dots came from maxfonts.

AmazType - this is pretty amazing! Type in a word and a visual of the word will appear made from book covers. Click on the book cover to see it more closely.


Spell with Flickrtype in a word, then click on Spell. Click on any letter in the first example to change the letter to a different style. Take a screen shot (Apple/shift/4 on a Mac) of the word and insert it in a wiki, blog, web page or a print document.
Scrabble Letters
These scrabble letters are on flickr. Download each letter and add them to your interactive whiteboard for a variety of spelling, vocabulary mixed with math activities.

Heather’s Animation Alphabets Don't go to this site unless you have plenty of time! There are many, many animations that you'll want to download. On a PC you should be able to drag the animations where you want them. On a Mac, you'll have to right click and save each animation. To do a complete alphabet it takes a little time but your students will love the animated letters. WARNING: this site has several inappropriate images. I do NOT advise giving this site to your students. If you want your students to use some of the animations, you should download them yourself and give them to your students on a flashdrive. These are great to put in your interactive whiteboard software and on Keynote/PowerPoints.

Word Clouds



Word It Out
Very much like wordle, type in words, copy/paste text, enter a URL, and make a word cloud.

Wordle This site allows you to enter a list of words about a certain topic and it creates a "word cloud". You can type a word into your list more than one time, which will make that particular word appear in a larger font. You can also change the font of the word cloud, change the color scheme, or create an your own personalized color palette.screenshot_wordles.pngscreenshot_lib._posters.png