A generator is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to input text into a graphic. So you're personalizing graphics! Add whatever text you want to - fun to tie these in with literature units or use in a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation.
Giant CookieType any message you want on a cookie


Newspaper - This could be a fun way to introduce a new unit - turn it into a newspaper headline. Then put it on your title slide of your presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) or in a flipchart.


Movie Clapper Board - Use this as your opening clip when your class makes their own movies.
Generators are all over the Internet. The Generator Blogis a site that has pulled them altogether so we don't have to go searching. I'm NOT suggesting that your students use this site. There are some inappropriate graphics for younger students especially. But for teachers, use this blog to find some of the generators that might be useful in introducing units to students or for images for printed materials. They are linked to many different sites. You will find that some of the linked sites are fine for students.

Chocolate Candy Bar - use this for your chocolate unit or for the literature book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Chocolate Candy Bar- make candy bars with your students' names. Or vocabulary words from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Chalkboard Message - Write a short message for your students.

Plane Banner Add a banner to your flipchart. Or add these to their nametags for their desks.

Snowglobe - didn't you just love snow globes when you were little? This could be fun to use with any of the Gary Paulsen books that take place in snowy areas. Upload a snowy scene from Minnesota or from Alaska - ah, the Iditarod.
Restaurant Sign -Add your own quotes or messages to students.

Word Mosaic - add your text and select a shape. This is a little like Wordle.


Face in Hole - this site has several images where you can add your own face to them.