What are infographics? Two words are put together to create this word: information and graphics. They've been around for a long time but the title is relatively new. Infographics are used when a great amount of data is used. Because the infographics are so visual, the data is much easier to understand. Take a look at this infographic on Education Spending and Performance in 12 Countries. Search for infographics and a keyword, such as 'tornadoes and infographics'. Or 'population and infographics'. You'll catch on very quickly to the idea of infographics.

Kathy Schrock has put together a wonderful page on Infographics including the steps to create them.

Infographic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices
This is a fabulous site on infographics, including types of infographics, history of infographics, and how to create them.

The Visual Dictionary Online
Some of these would be considered infographics.

After studying examples of infographics, 4th grade students created these organizers to share information about famous Kansans: