An affective environment feels good! The environment is safe, feels inviting, is comfortable, and is risk free. How can you make your classroom a warm and inspiring climate?

Display phrases, sayings, and rules that support and encourage learners. Use Pages to design posters for the walls in your classroom. Or create individual posters for each child to put in their agendas or notebooks. Comic Life is another application that is great for desktop publishing. Big Huge Labs has a template for inspirational posters also. You'll find many motivational quotes here:

When publishing please be sure to obtain permission to use student name, work, video, audio, and or picture of students. Here is an example of a media permission form for a project we were involved with.


Big Huge Labs has a template for creating Magazine Covers. These can be used alone as a poster or as an actual cover for a student-created magazine. In 6th grade students created magazines for their Ancient Civilizations which included clothing styles, editorials, current events (or not so current!), maps, and news.
First Grade

These magazine covers were created as biography-study project covers (a great way to practice main idea and details, or descriptive writing!):


Pages on the Mac

Pages has templates for posters. These posters are either 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17. You can simply replace the text that's on them and the images or you can start from scratch. You'll find instructions for making posters on the Buhler Pages Wiki. Here's a couple of examples of the large posters for you:
Microsoft Word also has some poster/flyer templates. These are found in the Project Gallery under Flyers and Events.

These posters were created in the Pages program for a school technology night. There are many formats available, and every part of them is movable, able to be rearranged or adjusted in size, and can be replaced with a drop-in image if you wish.

Big Huge Labs
This is a great site! There are many choices at this site so have fun exploring! Two of my favorites are the Motivator Poster and the Movie Poster. Here's an example of the Motivator Poster:

Motivator Poster

You'll just browse to find the photo on your computer to upload. This photo was taken at Dillon Nature Center during a digital photography workshop. Then type the text and create. You have just a few choices to make as far as the color of the border and few choices in fonts. The fewer the choices the quicker it gets done! Search the web for inspirational quotes to add to your poster. These are very simple to create. You can save them as jpgs on your computer .
And here's the Movie Poster:
Movie Poster
Poster Street
There are some great posters here - print ready!

Peter Reynolds's FableVision

Peter Reynolds is an author and artist. I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting his complete website. This is the link to his beautiful posters that you can download as PDF's. These are nice enough to print on quality paper and frame.
Peter has also some mini posters available which are based on the themes in The North Star book - aimed at encouraging life-long learning, diversity appreciation, creative thinking, positive school communities, and more!


Great Quotes about Learning and Change
These are very interesting posters. There are several to choose from and downloadable in small, medium, and large. Consider making some yourself and uploading them to Flickr.
Here's an Alphabet Poster from Jan Brett. Go to her page for downloa ding instructions.

This is actually 4 pieces of paper.
Water Education Posters
Free printables!

The NETS Pledge for Teachers Poster! Please print this out and keep it by your desk!

Classroom Connections - Endless!!!!

Posters can be very simple! Mix fonts, colors, and add graphics!

Comic Life
Comic Life is a wonderful tool for main idea/story outlining, comparing and contrasting, creating flashcards, and visually organizing concepts. The students love the visually interesting fonts and the easy drag-and-drop addition of images from the internet



Comic Life is also a great tool for kids to use to create flashcards, game cards, and images to sort. Attached are student-created game cards for creating food chains; we have also used Comic Life to create measurement images to sort between length, capacity and mass, insect life cycle images to assess understanding, fraction images for student-created games, and food images for creating meals in a nutrition unit.screenshot_comic_life_food_chain_cards.png
"CopyCat Quotes Lesson"

Task Cards
There are several task cards that are all ready to download and print! She also has links to other sites with task cards. These are great for small groups or for independent work.