Making videos has never been easier! Here are some kid-friendly tools to help you create movies!

af300_s.jpgDocument Camera Wiki - A document camera is a valuable tool for quick, easy digital storytelling, for sharing student work, for creating teaching videos, and for projecting manipulatives or visuals. Elmo is a very popular brand as well as AverVision. Most of our document cameras are AverVision AF300's. We order from CDW-G and have been very pleased with the quality of these. Instructions for creating videos using the document camera are on the wiki.

ipod_nano_orange.jpgiPod Nano - These handy little MP3 players even record video! It's very simple to do and you can take video either vertically or horizontally. Plug it into your computer and drag the video right off the iPod onto your desktop! You do not sync the videos with iTunes.

flip-camera.jpgFlip camera - these are the handiest video cameras, the picture is good and the audio is good. You simply plug it into your laptop and drag the videos off. They are in .avi format so you might have to do some converting. We also found that on our Macs we need to download perian. Just do a google search for perian and download it. This camera holds 60 minutes of video (some hold 30 minutes, and I think there's one that holds 2 hours). When you delete videos from your camera after dragging them onto your computer, make sure that you empty the trash on your computer. By doing so, you'll get back up to the 60 minutes.

Photo Booth
This is an application that comes on Macs. It utilizes the built-in iSight camera. You can take pictures and also create green screen movies as shown in the examples below.